Uniti Inspection Platform

Better Inspections,
Better Data Management

UNITI is a cloud based application including a diverse set of tools that enables deployment of uncrewed aerial vehicles at an enterprise scale for the first time.
– Xcel Energy

rules based mission


Asset based template enable enterprise level scaling



Hardware in the loop simulation shortens development and saves cost

Automated Mission


Sensors detect and generate asset specific autonomous missions

Context Aware


Data associated to real world asset at the moment of capture

Data Management


Organized data ready for consumption by machine vision tools

Uniti Inspection Platform

What it means for you...

UNITI addresses a fundamental need by being the link between data capture and data analytics. Through rules-based flight, data is contextualized at the edge, creating a fully automated pipeline into machine vision workflows, from inspection to insight at the press of a button.

UNITI enables at-scale deployment through mission templates, which are optimized to match specific inspection needs. Develop once, replicate endlessly.

UNITI is a one-stop shop for robotics program management. Keep track of data and deployment history while creating a single consistent workflow, reducing training needs—one platform, infinite use cases.

Thread Tool Suite

Thread is a suite of tools that empower users to programmatically capture knowledge into consistent and replicable plans. Any visual inspection activity being performed by a pilot in GPS accessible locations today can be automated through Airtonomy. These tools can be used to make full end to end automated workflows as we have done with our wind product.

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