Microsoft launches Project AirSim, an end-to-end platform to accelerate autonomous flight

Jake Siegel | Microsoft

The CEO of Airtonomy was inside a digital replica of a real wind farm at the time, trailing a simulated drone through virtual reality glasses as it inspected towering turbines. His North Dakota-based company has been using these hyper-realistic simulations to train autonomous aerial vehicles that are now inspecting wind farms, surveying wildlife and detecting leaks in oil tanks across the Midwest.…


Avoid digitizing written notes & annotated line drawings. Instead, collect data digitally.

Combine design drawings, infrastructure plans, & inspection data in one place.

Turn reactive repair into proactively managed assets, reduce downtime, & optimize maintenance schedules.

Use Cases

Quickly pull asset data together into workorder & inspection reports before sending teams out.

Eliminate redundant truck rolls & unproductive field operations.

Enable rigorous & repeatable robotic & sensor data acquisition without the need for external contractors.


Remove integration & automation gaps, enabling teams to better focus on their work & get more done, faster.

Enrich engagement across various teams including engineering, workorder management, & field operations

Store all data in one place including automatically ingested imagery, manual uploads, digitized field notes, & more.

All data, no matter the format or the richness, is associated with an asset in UNITI.

Package outcomes into reports & work orders in UNITI or integrate with your work order manager.