Hi, We’re Thread!

We’re on a mission to build the most innovative software-as-a-service provider. Explore the opportunity to join our dynamic team of dedicated individuals who strive to introduce the latest breakthroughs in data management technology to utilities. Join the excitement and enjoy a fulfilling experience as a new member of our team.


What We’re Doing

Our team is united by a shared goal of building better data management tools for utilities everywhere. Whether you’re a developer or a customer support specialist, if you believe in our values and want to help utilities manage their inspection data, there’s a spot for you at Thread. You don’t need tech startup experience to join our team, but we’ll quickly make you a tech nerd like us!

We’re Big on Our goals

As a member of the Thread team, we aim for you to be deeply engaged with your work and its technological significance. This involves entrusting you with access to key information, enabling you to comprehend the business’s performance, the rationale behind our decisions, and the integration of your contributions into the larger framework working toward our ambitious goals.

Our Values

To accelerate the use of applied artificial intelligence within vital industries by unlocking the promise of autonomous systems and the data they produce. Be the standard of managing unstructured data produced by autonomous systems, which operate a more efficient, safe, and sustainable planet. 

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Our actions matter, and we stand by what we do. We are responsible to ourselves, our company, our stakeholders, the world around us, and for what is right and just.

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Excellence is both a standard and a perpetual pursuit. We believe in continuous improvements in our relationships, our research, our work, our services, and our impact.

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Our ethics shine through in all we do. Integrity is the bedrock foundation on which we maintain strong relationships and from which we can take bold leaps.

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We are curious by nature. We arm ourselves with the right information and position ourselves in the right places to be able to seize opportunities to make progress and be better.

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We provide core solutions because we know the core issues. Empathizing with and truly knowing our customers, our partners, and the industries within which we work is fundamental.

What it’s like working at Thread

Joining Thread means joining a fast-growing company where we learn from our mistakes and give our 100% every single day. At Thread we invest in our work as well as our company giving team members the opportunity to take as many fannypacks as needed as well as the trust to accomplish what is needed.

Product Management

Product, Program or Project Management: These managers spearhead the strategic development and execution of the UNITI Workspace, ensuring alignment with business objectives and overseeing the overall project lifecycle.
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Application Development

Robot, Web, and Mobile Application: This multifaceted team combines expertise in robotics, web, and mobile application development to create a seamless and user-friendly experience, employing cutting-edge technologies to optimize data accessibility and user engagement.
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Software Development

QA, ML, and Solutions Development: Focused on quality assurance, machine learning, and innovative solutions, this team ensures the reliability and scalability of the UNITI workspace, constantly evolving to meet the evolving needs of the market.
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Sales: This team is dedicated to driving revenue growth by establishing and nurturing client relationships, understanding customer needs, and effectively communicating the value proposition of the UNITI Workspace.
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Marketing: The marketing team works on creating brand awareness, developing marketing strategies, and executing campaigns. This team focuses on market positioning, lead generation, content creation, and overall brand building to support the sales efforts and achieve broader market recognition.
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Partnerships: This team cultivates strategic alliances with key industry players, fostering collaborations that enhance the UNITI Workspace ecosystem and contribute to mutual growth and success.
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Legal: The legal team ensures compliance with regulations and safeguards the company’s interests, providing legal counsel and support for contracts, agreements, and any other legal matters.
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People & Culture

People & Culture: Responsible for talent acquisition, employee development, and fostering a positive workplace culture, the People & Culture team plays a crucial role in building and maintaining a skilled and motivated workforce.
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Finance: Managing the financial aspects of the startup, the finance team oversees budgeting, financial planning, and reporting, ensuring fiscal responsibility and sustainability.
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Avoid digitizing written notes & annotated line drawings. Instead, collect data digitally.

Combine design drawings, infrastructure plans, & inspection data in one place.

Turn reactive repair into proactively managed assets, reduce downtime, & optimize maintenance schedules.

Use Cases

Quickly pull asset data together into workorder & inspection reports before sending teams out.

Eliminate redundant truck rolls & unproductive field operations.

Enable rigorous & repeatable robotic & sensor data acquisition without the need for external contractors.


Remove integration & automation gaps, enabling teams to better focus on their work & get more done, faster.

Enrich engagement across various teams including engineering, workorder management, & field operations

Store all data in one place including automatically ingested imagery, manual uploads, digitized field notes, & more.

All data, no matter the format or the richness, is associated with an asset in UNITI.

Package outcomes into reports & work orders in UNITI or integrate with your work order manager.