Secure, Full Tech Stack Integrations

Transform operations from react and repair to understanding the evolution of health across your assets. UNITI Connect API enables connections with statistic and analytical toolsets to enrich your understanding of asset health evolution.

The complete Workflow powerhouse

Use integrations to trigger event-based activities like starting a new task in your work order management system based on asset health status or risk level in UNITI. Or, automatically generate a report of potentially affected lines based on weather forecasts and storm events.

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API & SDK Openness

The UNITI Connect API comes with all the tools for full flexibility and data sovereignty. Pull data, report, notifications, decisions, and insights from UNITI with our secure and encrypted API.

Connect your full tech stack and automate tasks, avoid repetitive work, and link teams together.

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Support that Saves Time

APIs take time and resources to implement. Thread Support and Development are on stand-by ready to build the connections between tools that you need. We’ll work directly with you to scope, develop, and launch a connection that fits your needs.

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Automating Workflows

UNITI can create tasks, initiate workflows, and schedule inspections with 3rd-party tools. Link your tools together to reduce the gaps between teams and connect your workflows.

All Your Data, Stored in One Place

Data limitations and rigid workspaces hamper productivity. In contrast, a flexible digital workspace can operationalize data for decision making and foster collaboration. Don’t be restricted by integrations that limit what you can do. Move beyond basic, one-off integrations to comprehensive workflow automation. UNITI Connect removes integration and automation gaps, enabling teams to better focus on their work and get more done, faster.

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Built by the industry for the industry

Our product team is dedicated to developing powerful connection tools that effectively communicate data, decisions, and reports between platforms. Through close collaboration with our clients, we develop, update and refine our products to fit the specific needs of each use case.

Streamline every asset

Gain a deeper understanding of your infrastructure by knowing when and where to reinspect and efficiently collect new data. Close the loop on proactive asset performance with UNITI.

Synchronize Across All teams

Help team members and stakeholders with different levels of technical knowledge understand the condition of your network and have conversations that lead to decisions.

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oil storage tanks
Learn how Falcker Innovations is streamlining their industrial inspection workflows using Thread's Software as a Solution (SaaS) asset care platform, UNITI.
Learn how Otter Tail Power is transitioning from reactive blade repairs to proactive blade maintenance to reducing the overall cost of their annual blade maintenance program.

Ready to Integrate Your data management?

Break the cycle of missing information and incomplete data. Build better data and spend your time making decisions and building resiliency.

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Avoid digitizing written notes & annotated line drawings. Instead, collect data digitally.

Combine design drawings, infrastructure plans, & inspection data in one place.

Turn reactive repair into proactively managed assets, reduce downtime, & optimize maintenance schedules.

Use Cases

Quickly pull asset data together into workorder & inspection reports before sending teams out.

Eliminate redundant truck rolls & unproductive field operations.

Enable rigorous & repeatable robotic & sensor data acquisition without the need for external contractors.


Remove integration & automation gaps, enabling teams to better focus on their work & get more done, faster.

Enrich engagement across various teams including engineering, workorder management, & field operations

Store all data in one place including automatically ingested imagery, manual uploads, digitized field notes, & more.

All data, no matter the format or the richness, is associated with an asset in UNITI.

Package outcomes into reports & work orders in UNITI or integrate with your work order manager.